A Life Of Peace Wellness Education Institute was establish to give the African Diaspora a vision of perfect health, with the purpose of
training seekers who need a wellness learning platform that is facilitated with elevated consciousness and the spirit of complete balance.  
Since 2006, ALOP instructors have taught thousands of students world wide in various areas of holistic health.  Students are charged with
teaching one million others in the wellness modality that is in alignment with their divine purpose. Classes are held year round online, in
the USA, Canada, the Caribbean, and Ghana. We also offer wellness retreats throughout the year as an added options for both learning,
relaxation and rejuvenation. A Life Of Peace Wellness Education Institute is the premier provider of holistic health and wellness education,
teacher trainings and personal development in mind, body and spiritual experiences.  
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"A Way to a peaceful life through divine purpose living and learning!"
A Life Of Peace Wellness Education Institute
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Our signature program the Natural Health and Wellness Consultant Certification has trained hundreds of traditional naturopaths in communities around the
globe. Many of our students now provide consistent quality wellness services to families, organizations, and individuals in over thirty states and twenty
countries. A Life Of Peace Wellness Education Institute provides more than twenty courses of study in holistic health including the
Naturopathic Clinician
Training, the Naturopathic Herbalist Certification, the Detox Therapist Training, Naturopathic Iridology Levels I and II, Naturopathic Reiki I, II and III
Mater Teacher Certifications, Holistic Doula Training (one year certification program), as well as extended stay Naturopathic Training at Divine Life
Sanctuary in Central Region,
Ghana, West Africa.

We are clear on our intention to service the under served, to provide affordable quality education opportunities that in most cases would be unavailable to
various global communities. For a decade we have been a source of training and service to thousands who have experienced lifestyle changes, career
development, become entrepreneurs, received self healing and have become facilitators of healing the mind, body, emotions and spirit of their generation and
generations to come.  
If you are seeking and ready for permanent change in your health, your family life, in the life of your community and the quality of life in general, A Life Of
Peace Wellness Education Institute offers the way to a life lived well and in peace with your personal choices. Our community
services include Holistic Health
Consultations​, Holisitc Lifestyle Programs​, Naturopathic Iridology Readings​, Distance Reiki Energy Therapy​, Shiatsu Meridian Alignment Therapy, Past Life
Regression Hypnotherapy, Life Balancing Readings, Yoga and Meditation Therapy and Detox Programs.  We also offer Nu African and Kemetic Wedding
Ceremonies and Officiating, Youth Naming Ceremonies​, Rites of Passage Programs for Women, Men and Youth, Dimensional Transition Ceremonies​,
Marriage, Relationship, Personal and Family Counseling.
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