A Life of Peace Wellness Institute
Mission Statement

To Share the gift of a peaceful life with all those who seek fulfillment
and purpose in everyday living through the disciplines and teachings of
various holistic healing modalities  that are shared throughout the
world. Life lived with purpose. Life lived in love. Life lived with value.
Life lived in harmony with community. Life lived in peace.
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Dr. K. Akua Gray

Dr. Akua, naturopath, spiritualist and master teacher, is the International Operations Director for A Life of Peace Wellness
Institute, Inc., an international holistic health education and wellness non-profit organization.  She is the author of numerous books
including, Veggie Delights: Recipes for Holistic Health, Eating Live for Maximum Nutrition and Wellness, Akwaaba! : Dr. Akua's
Ghanaian Vegan Cuisine, Medical Astrology: From the Minds of the Ancients, Metaphysics of the Feminine Divine, Metaphysics
of the  Masculine Divine,  Metaphysics of the Divine Couple and Holistic Sexuality.  Dr. Akua has shared the gifts of her works
with the international communities of the USA, Canada, The Caribbean, Israel, The Philippines, England, Qatar and Ghana.

An outstanding educator for 20+ years, Dr. Akua holds degrees and certifications in Naturopathy, Education, Telecommunications,
Metaphysics, Hypnotherapy, Iridology, Reiki, Shiatsu, Colon Hydrotherapy and African Nutritional Science.

At A Life of Peace Wellness Institute Dr. Akua currently teaches classes in naturopathy, Sacred Goddess Temple Rites of Passage,
Shiatsu, nutrition, holistic health business, live foods preparations, reiki, natural hair care, and many areas of alternative health

Dedicated to issues of Pan African Empowerment and Health - Akua has worked on family empowerment and healing as a spiritual
counselor and Holistic Health Consultant and continues to enhance her spirit through the many avenues of consciousness elevation.

Akua currently resides in Ghana to establish Divine Life Sanctuary: The Pan African Village.  The nurturer of three SUNS who are
the mirror of the life she has lived, she shares these accomplishments with her divine reflection of 24 years Dr. Chenu.

Contact Information USA 713-459-5208                                                               akua@alifeofpeace.org
                         GHANA +233549182872
Dr. Akua's Media Kit is
Available upon request
Dr. Chenu Gray

Dr. Chenu is CEO of Bojakaz Management, Inc and is a prominent business man and international real estate investor based in
Ghana, West Africa. As Operations Manager of A Life Of Peace Wellness Institute, he has for over 5 years assisted in the
organizing and coordination of the national holistic health education efforts of the organization.

As an advocate for Pan African Empowerment and Health, Dr. Chenu has worked on green community building and sustainable
living projects in Ghana and received his Holistic Health Consultant Certification through the International Board of Afrikan
Thinkers, Traditional Priest, Prietesses, Healers, and Religion Inc., and has studied with traditional African scholars such as Dr.
Paul Goss, Dr. Llaila Afrika and Rev. Albert B. Cleage.

Dr. Chenu has worked as a health professional for the past 13 years as a Licensed Massage Therapist
(LMT) and as a Holistic Health Consultant for the past 5 years.  He is also a Certified Iridologist, a visual
artist and a student of Herbology and Urban Gardening.

As a real estate investor of international properties, Dr. Chenu organizes tours to Ghana for individuals and
groups that are seeking international investment opportunities and fulfillment of goals to repatriate.

The proud father of three sons and six god-daughters, he shares these accomplishments with his divine
reflection of 24 years Goddess Dr. Akua.

When I was 16 yrs young, I was diagnosed with an disease that caused me alot of pain and grief. I was told there
was no cure but stress and poor eating habits could make it worse. Being from a very Spiritual family gave me the
insight to believe that I did not have to suffer. So one day I put my hands on my aching spots and prayed, I prayed to
every name for God that I knew, I prayed and chanted to be delivered from my sickness. It went on for hours until I
finally went to sleep. When I got up the next morning I felt no pain at all. I was free and totally healed and was not
bothered with the pain again.

It was then that I begin to understand the power of prayer. I continued on my spiritual journey seeking to find the
truth about THE MOST HIGH. Thru my life I worshipped with every spiritual system and searched to find the ways
that the first people, the Ancient Ones lived. I became a Sacred Women (thru the Great Mother Queen Afua) and
learned about The Great Healer Sekhmet. It was around this time that I also learned about Reiki. My Spirit was
telling me to take some classes and the Reiki class just stood out to me. I became a Reiki Master in 2000 but
being the African Queen that I knew it wasn't right to give the credit to that healing modality to the Asians. We know
everyone has taken our secrets, our culture, our ways and tried to label it as there own. So thru my work with
SEKHMET I begin to hear a call very loudly to bring Reiki to our community and give our ancestors their proper credit.

I begin sharing these lessons in the Kemetic tradition two years ago and have received much more insight about
the practice as well. RA SEKHI is the name that was whispered to me to call this ancient healing art, because the
practice deals with RA, the Universal Energy that sustains us all and Sekhem, which is our individual Life Force
Energy (also called Chi or Ki). Ra Sekhi teaches us to be conscious of connecting our energy to the Universal
Energy, being in tune with the Universe. Living in Amerika (especially in the cities) wears down our Sekhem and
keeps us unbalanced. Ra Sekhi teaches us to build and balance our vitality, our aura, and Aritu (chakras). We
should be conscious of Energy, how it works, and how to manipulate it to bring balance and harmony. Ra Sekhi
shares this overstanding with us, as well as how to heal ourselves wholistically using prayers, chants,
concentration, focus, symbols, palm healing & natural elements like crystal, oils, incense, and colors as our tools.
Ra Sekhi shows us how to heal our physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental bodies. The Attunement starts you in
a detox process to clean the toxins within and around you. It also works to heal past lives, and connect you to your
higher self and your Spirit Guides.

I am thankful to be able to share what I have learned with others, because we need healing as a community. I am
told that the more people who are dealing with this high level of energy work, the quicker the balance will come to
our families and our communities. Ra Sekhi increases the power of those who are healers and Spiritual Warriors
which is what we need to fight the Spiritual war we are in right now.

I have a vision to build a healing compound to teach and bring natural healing to our community.  Contact me if you
would like more info.  We are also accepting donations toward making this vision manifest into reality.  We
appreciate your connection and support in advance.
Kajara Assata Nia Yaa Nebthet a child of SANGO AND SEKHMET.  I am sent to this
realm to bring light, I am a student of Great African Healers Queen Afua, Dr Llaila Afrika, Dr
Sebi, Queen Ayaba Bey, and other great Spiritual Mothers who have helped remember the
Ancient Ways of our Ancestors.  I have been a vegetarian for about 19 years, I teacher and
Mother for 18 years, an artist and craftsperson for 17 years and a spiritualist forever.  I have
studied and worshiped in almost every spiritual tradition I have found and so I consider
myself Universal.  I feel that names divide our people and there are people who live in MAAT
and call themselves Kemetic, Rasta, Yoruba, Akan, Vodoo and many other things.  When we
chose to live in righteousness and truth we carry on the traditions of the Ancient Ancestors.
When we chose to call on our Afrikan Gods and Goddesses we gain the power to overcome
all obstacles and manifest our higher selves on this realm
Dadalana Mujaji is one of the newest additions to the A Life of Peace Family of
instructors.  Her goal is to enlighten African people in re-learning the methods of growing
food, living holistically, survival methods and other necessary elements that will move
African people to a state of holistic self-sustainably.  She begins this task by taking the
education/ lessons she has learned and applying the wisdom of the elders in our

To begin with, Dadalana has always had an interest in nature.  She graduated with a
Biology Degree from Drake University but found it hard to work in laboratories where
animals (or parts of animals) were being used in experiments.  She loves life, the study of
life, but is not willing to participate in killing in order to advance her learning.  
Unfortunately, there were not many biotechnology jobs for those who are conscious of
animal suffering.
Dadalana began to move towards something more wholistic. She wanted to learn how to help people with out
the sterile environment of the laboratory.  She began her quest by working at a local nutrition store.  While
working there, she began to hear the testimonies of people who used herbs, vitamins, and diet therapy in order
to heal themselves of various medical conditions.  Dadalana became fascinated with natural healing.  While
training for the company, she found that memorizing herbs and understanding their uses was something that
came natural.  Soon, study became a hobby, and then developed into a passion.  Seven years a go Dadalana
decided to pursue a career as an herbalist.

She began building her library, became a vegetarian, and worked at different herb stores and traveled to
different farms in order to learn how to grow and use herbs.  One of the places she went was to a 3 month
Herbal Submersion internship at Herb Pharm.  For 3 months Dadalana worked on an 80 acre Organic medical
herb in exchange for hundred of hours of herbal study courses.  On her return, she completed the course work
become one of a few African -American Master Gardeners for the Missouri Botanical Center.  There she learned
the ways of plant classification and organic growing methods.

In 2007, Dadalana had a knowledge of the human body and the knowledge of plants as medicine however
something was missing …the knowledge of self.  As a volunteer for A Life of Peace (ALOP), she began to learn
about wholistic healing from an African perspective.  She has had the honor of working with Dr. Akua Gray,
Queen Afua, and Dr. Africa in order to enlighten herself to the methods and philosophy of African people in the
Alternative health industry.  With this experience she was able to see what types of healing our community
needs and as she created programs for the St. Louis Area.  In 2009, became the Director of ALOP – Midwest
region she completed the ALOP Holistic health Consultant Certification, and became an instructor for A Life of
Peace Wellness Institute.  She is also the co-host of the Dr. Akua Gray Experience on Inner Light radio.  

Often African people fail when trying to solve the problems that occur in our community because as Dr. Africa
puts it “We are using European ideals to solve African problems.”  With this in mind Dadalana has created a
community garden programs and a holistic teaching philosophy that nurture the minds of those who participate
in ALOP Programs in 2010.    She looks forward to sharing her future projects; an online herbal store, a garden
guide, and a vegan nutrition guide with the national holistic community in 2010.   

Paul’s dedication to a Pan African philosophy and the ardent study of Antiquity period Africa has given Paul his
fervent sense of community and his innate ability to organize. Paul has been an outstanding community organizer
and activist since the age of 15. He has developed referral programs for United Neighbors a major community
organization. Paul organized a student movement and committee that were instrumental in developing a Black
Studies program for Wayne State University. Paul developed a well known rite of passage program for boys in Los
Angeles California.

Paul has always had an intuitive sense of nature and its balance and how it all works together for a common good
and to manifest the Creators plan. He has studied plants, stones, weather, animals and the human body. Paul’s
holistic philosophy is to find the physician within each person to heal themselves. Paul believes that self love
balanced health and wellness builds strong communities.

Paul is answering a calling to serve his Creator and the people in his community through the use of the healing
arts.Paul continues to further his studies in Tai Chi, Qigong, Reiki and other healing arts and modalities.

Paul currently resides and practices in Atlanta Georgia, is a current member of the Pan African Congress, the
African Centers for Functional Unity, Unity Lodge 28 and Consistory No 6 Prince Hall /FAM Detroit, Mi. Proud father
of 2 sons and 1 grandson.
Paul W. Clements HHC RP

A highly sought after naturopath and health and wellness consultant, is the founder of
Balanced Health and Wellness and Associates a private holistic practice based in Atlanta
Georgia, and one of the newest member of A Life of Peace Wellness Institute family serving
as instructor

An award winning television and radio documentary producer for PBS Paul has combined
more that 20 years in the media arts and the stage. He has worked with such renowned
directors such as Ron Milner, Michael Matthews, Earl DA Smith and David Rambeau.
Paul has extensive training in the healing arts and holds certifications in naturopathy,
acupressure acupuncture, herbology and substance abuse counseling. Paul has worked
with many well known chiropractors and health professionals and offered natural healing
methods in the Detroit community for over 20 years.
Nut Amunet Fowler, CLD, CBE, CNMT, CMT
Holistic Health Practitioner

Family has always been my first priority and my passion for children began at a
very young age. It has always amazed me to see the world through their eyes. I
used this passion to earn an AA degree from Montgomery College and own and
operate a successful daycare for over 10 years.  After attending a friend’s birth,
and falling in love with that experience, I was very excited to find out that I could
actually make a career out of attending births and assisting families in having
the best possible birthing experience.  My goal as a doula is to educate, assist,
provide support, love and spiritual counseling to families. My goal is to assist
families who are looking to step outside the box and embrace a holistic
experience of birthing and child development.
I am an initiated member of Shetaut Neter in the Atlanta temple of Per Heru (House of Heru) under
the leadership of Uab Set-na Nebi Ra, an initiated priest of preceptors Sebai Muata Ashby and his
spiritual partner Seba Dja Ashby. I am also the student of Dr. Akua Gray and Rekhit Kajara Assata.
Through their willingness to share information, I have become empowered to take charge of my own
life and I return the blessing by sharing with others.

I am the owner of Natural Essence Wellness where I practice as a Doula, Childbirth Educator, Early
Childhood Educator, Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Sunu of Ra Sekhi, Massage Therapist, Glorious
Light Meditation Teacher, Neuromuscular Therapist, and Holistic Health Consultant. I am blessed to
be able to have a passion for what I do. I am blessed to be a wife and mother of four beautiful
children who have been a light in my life.

Natural Essence Wellness