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January 20   Holistic Prenatal Care Childbirth Class   Houston, TX
During pregnancy the four womb bodies become fully activated. Although
women and families are not traditionally taught to give them much attention,
the evolving necessity for wholeness in the birthing process is giving new light to

how pregnancy is guided and nurtured. Explore the benefits of no morning
sickness meals, pure pregnancy thoughts, alternative prenatal therapies and
more! Join Dr. Maat in this new Holistic Birthing Series for a discussion on the
holistic side of birthing for mother, daddy, and baby. Come and enjoy an
evening talk, lite fare, and enriching activities.
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"A Way to a peaceful life through divine purpose living and learning!"
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Natural Health and Wellness Consultant Online Certification
January 23-24, February  13-14 and 27-28
"If you are looking to balance every aspect of your
life and make a career in holistic health, the
Natural Health and Wellness Consultant Certification
is that new start for your life.  This traditional
naturopath training was designed to indulge the
faculties of change in the mental,physical,
emotional and spiritual bodies, so that they in turn
can induce the power to create change in the well being of their
families, communities and the world. I look forward to seeing you in
class for this dynamic transformative journey!"                                                           

                                                                              -Dr. Akua Gra
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December 16     Sacred Goddess Temple Online Interest Meeting
The Sacred Goddess Temple Online was established in 2010 to offer a consistent
Rites of Passage experience for women globally. Now that there are no
boundaries to our distance we welcome all sisters to come together for a moment
of growth, sharing, love and commitment to healing, nurturing and elevating self.
If you are in need of healthy sister relationships and a chance to explore the path
to your highest self. Welcome to the
Sacred Goddess Temple. Attend the next
online interest meeting to prepare for the next full Rites of Passage.
ALOP Complimentary Wellness Webinars - 1st Weds.
Enrich your life with a little knowledge in natural health and wellness with
Dr. Akua, Dr. Maat and guest hosts. Upcoming topics include:
Wellness for the New Year
, and A Holistic Weight Loss Journey. We want
you to be informed on your choices in health, longevity and everything it
takes to live life and live it well. Join us every month for FREE.

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Dr. Chenu's Annual Weight Loss Jump Start Retreat
April 1 - 4, 2016 - Houston, TX
Weigh in for a weekend of focus on your good
health goals. Join Dr. Chenu for a powerful jump
start towards your permanent weight loss, toning
and eating lifestyle changes for the new year. This
small group journey to a better more healthier you
begins with a personal Lifestyle Change
Consultation, Herbal Detox and some fun group
 Early Bird Special if registered before
December 31st, class size is limited.