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Detox Therapy Level II Online Training


Thank you for your registration. 

Here are a few notes to get you ready for this hands-on experience in over 10 assessment skills, therapies and detox program directives to increase your proficiency as a Detox Therapist.

Day 1

Detox Assessment
Nutritional Detox (Detox Meal Preparations)
Herbal Methods of Application 
Hydro Therapies 
Day 2  
Touch Therapy Continuation 
Detox Movement 
Metaphysics of Detox
Detox Therapy Business
Certificate Presentation


Some supplies and materials are included.
Students should bring the following to class:
Detox Therapy book from your Level 1 training
Notebook, pens/pencils
Comfortable clothing for flexibility and movement

Multi-stix 10 SG

pH Paper
Neti Pot

As we get closer to the date we will forward the log in info and any additional information that is needed via email.
Please feel free to
Contact Us with any questions you have.  We look forward to seeing you in class.

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