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Holistic Doula Training

Welcome to the Journey of the Holistic Birth Worker! 

We have received your registration for the Holistic Doula Training Retreat 
In preparation for your selected class start date please begin to gather the following.

Required Textbooks can be purchased at  http://alop-store.com/
or via the links on this page.

1.    The Doula Book by Klaus, Klaus and Kennell
2.    The Birth Partner by Penny Simpkin
3.    Notebook for lecture notes
4.    Pens, pencils and highlighters as needed 
5.    One or two sets of scrubs: light yellow, white or light blue 

We will have new and gently used textbooks on sale the first day of class just in case. If you are not prepared to purchase these books you may be able to find them at your local library. 

The next few emails will contain your all the information you will need before the start of class, class location, dates and time information. 
If you have any questions please reply

We look forward to having you in class.


Light and love,
Dr. Akua

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