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ALOP Locations

A Life Of Peace Wellness Education Institute supports local well established community centers and wellness venues for our in person classes in every city.

Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas has been the hub location for A Life Of Peace Wellness Education Institute since 2006.  We support serveral locations in the Houston area including The Woman's Earth, Leisure Learning and Shape Community Center. The facilities house a variety of room sizes for our various class needs. 

Spirit Sanctuary

Spirit Sanctuary - Meadow Bridge, WV is a divine temple in the wilderness. The home of our first retreats from 2007 - 2011. The retreat center is truly a sanctuary for nature, and all those who need a moment in a timeless space that affirms the essence of your divinity.  Join us as we celebrate our return to Spirit Sanctuary this year. You're invited, come and enjoy learning and relaxation in this unforgettable mountain oasis.

Baobab House

Baobab House - Cape Coast, Ghana is our hub for learning and wellness living. They have guest rooms, a vegetarian restaurant, Ghanaian goods boutique, and dynamic meeting spaces that our students finds inviting and easy to get to. The annual ALOP winter schedule has the added comforts of friendly faces and good food for holistic health learning for the season.

Casa San Carlos

Casa San Carlos Retreat Center - Delray Beach, FL is the latest additional to our exceptional partners in bringing wellness education opportunities to local communities. The retreat center is located 30 minutes southwest of West Palm Beach Airport and 30 minutes northwest of Fort Lauderdale Airport in the beautiful plains of Delray Beach just minutes from the shoreline and beautiful beaches.  Join us as we celebrate a season of fun, learning and relaxation with tranquil accommodations, outdoor amenities, vegan foods and an atmosphere that is home away from home.

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