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Instructores y afiliados de Una vida de paz

La constancia, la confiabilidad, la dedicación, la diversidad y el amor es la única manera de describir la variedad de instructores en A Life Of Peace Wellness Education Institute. Desde 2006, hemos brindado educación de bienestar de calidad a estudiantes a nivel nacional y mundial. Cada miembro de nuestro equipo aporta una perspectiva única al proceso de aprendizaje que se adapta a los diversos estilos de aprendizaje de los estudiantes y sus entornos de aprendizaje preferidos en el aula. Uno de nuestros sabios ancianos en servicios de salud natural, el Dr. William Richardson, MD de Atlanta, GA, dice: “Sea sincero, sepa lo que puede hacer y qué recomendar a otros curanderos de la comunidad. La salud integral involucra a toda la comunidad. Nadie lo sabe todo ". Como organización internacional, A Life Of Peace Wellness Education Institute busca proporcionar a cada comunidad una variedad de recursos en bienestar. Como punto central de la educación para el bienestar en la diáspora, muchos estudiantes de ALOP han logrado hacerse cargo de sanar y sanar a otros. Apoye a estas organizaciones de bienestar bien establecidas en su comunidad y avísenos si necesitamos agregar a alguien a la lista .

Dr. Akua Gray

Dr. Akua, a career educator and primary instructor, Curriculum Development Coordinator and the International Operations Director is the author of numerous books including, Veggie Delights: Recipes for Holistic Health, Eating Live for Maximum  Nutrition and Wellness, Akwaaba! Dr. Akua's Ghanaian Vegan Cuisine, Holistic Sexuality, Today: Wellness Manifestations and The Natural Health and Wellness Manual. Dr. Akua has shared the gifts of her works with the international communities of the USA, Canada, The Caribbean, Israel, The Philippines, England, and Ghana. Dr. Akua holds degrees and certifications in Naturopathy, Education, Telecommunications, Metaphysics, Hypnotherapy, Naturopathic Iridology, Reiki, Shiatsu, Colon Hydrotherapy, Midwifery, Herbology and African Nutritional Science.  At A Life of Peace Wellness Institute, Dr. Akua currently teaches classes in both the USA and Ghana on an annual rotation. 

Dr. Chenu Gray

Dr. Chenu, co-founder of A Life Of Peace Wellness Education Institute has worked as a health professional for the past 17 years as a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) and as a Holistic Health Consultant .  He is also a Certified Iridologist, a visual artist, Herbologist and Urban Gardener. As a real estate investor of international properties, Dr. Chenu hosts seminars for groups and individuals that are seeking international investment opportunities and he assists individuals and family with their of goals to repatriate to Africa.  Dr. Chenu maintain a private wellness office in both Houston, TX and Cape Coast, Ghana.

Carolyn Renee

Women Helping Others Achieve (WHOA!)

Carolyn Renée Morris, is a healer, teaching and performing artist, and community organizer.  In 2008, she became certified as a Natural Health and Wellness Consultant, and Reiki Master.   From a family of healers, she honors this legacy now teaching Naturopathic Reiki in partnership with A Life Of Peace Wellness Education Institute.  She was also among the first group of initiates to go through Sacred Goddess Temple.  Carolyn is a Co-Liaison Leader to People of Color in InterPlay, a global nonprofit organization that promotes healing through an arts-based system called “InterPlay”. The system uses creative expression to process stored information in the body and brings it into physical awareness. In May 2017, she served as the lead organizer for the first ever InterPlay People of Color Retreat.  As a playwright she works with Synchronicity Theatre’s “Playmaking For Girls” program.  Playmaking for Girls empowers incarcerated girls, refugees, and foster care girls through play-writing, theatre games, and performance. Carolyn received funding from The City of Atlanta’s Office of Cultural Affairs for her original play, The Mother Daughter Dialogues.  She is committed to using the creative and healing arts to create positive change in the world.  

Pritess Amani Tori Nefer Atum Re

Minister/ Priestess / Wellness Consultant/Reiki Master/ Sacred Goddess Temple Faciltator Amani ( Amani Tori NeferAtum Re ) is a Licensed K-12 grade Teacher by profession, who currently teaches Middle School students receiving Special Education services. She is known as a compassionate and understanding teacher, who does her best to connect real world experiences with those she has been charged to reach and  teach. Priestess Amani currently facilitates  the Sacred Goddess Temple (Hampton Roads Chapter) and helps co-facilitate SGT online sessions through A Life Of Peace. In addition she provides services as a healer through Living Divinity Services that she established in 2013. Some of her services include Spiritual Counseling and Workshops, Ceremonial Services, Chakra Readings and Clearings, Pendulum Readings, Card and Rune Stone Readings, Reiki Healing, Health and Wellness Consulting, Hatha Yoga and various community outreach projects. For more info please email her at

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