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A Life Of Peace Wellness Education Institute - Ghana

Study Abroad!

Ghana is the beginning of A Life Of Peace Wellness Education Institute global expansion as a world health organization. In 2009 Dr. Chenu and Dr. Akua repatriated to the Central Region of Ghana to establish Divine Life Sanctuary - A Pan African Community. With the acquisition of lands, they set out to build a fully self sustaining compound with earth bag dwellings, solar power, organic gardening and fresh water sources on the ocean front of the Gulf of Guinea. To date there are both solar powered earth bag and traditional block dwellings, an organic vegetable garden, an orchard of banana, plantain, mango, coconut, papaya, noni, orange key lime, moringa, neem and palm nut trees that envelope the grounds along with the Akwaaba Welcome Center, The Divine Life Sanctuary Residence Home, Guest Houses, and Kaleigha's Kitchen. Annually we offer Detox Retreats, Silent Meditation Retreats, individual and small group wellness therapies, and consultations for wellness care plans. 

Study Aboard 2025 Schedule

Naturopathic Clinician Training

2025 Winter Session: February 3 - 14

The need for naturopathic clinicians with a wide variety of therapy training is in high demand throughout the global community. Become one of the few who are equipped to provide specialized naturopathic services that enhances and heals the whole client. This 2 week international training with Dr. Akua, and Ghana’s Top Naturopaths is designed to provide students with whole concept theory and actual hands on training for a full learning experience. The courses of study include: Aroma Touch Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Detox Therapist Training,  Reflexology, Naturopathic Reiki Certifications, Nature Herb Walk, Therapeutic Herbal Medicine, and Vibration Therapy.


Registration Tuition $3,500.00

ALOP Member Special $2,999.00

(All Payment plans due 1 month prior to departure)

(includes room/board, class ground transport, Lunch, textbooks +)

(Does not include airfare)

Contact us for more information.

Naturopathic Clinician Training Ghana

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