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Detox Therapist Certification     Naturopathic Reiki Certification        Herbalist Certification

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About A Life Of Peace Wellness Education Institute, Inc.

 A Life Of Peace Wellness Education Institute is a premier provider of holistic health and wellness education, teacher trainings and personal development in mind, body and spiritual experiences. Our signature program the Natural Health and Wellness Consultant Certification has trained hundreds of traditional naturopaths in communities around the globe. Many of our students now provide consistent quality wellness services to families, organizations, and individuals in over thirty states and twenty countries. 


2 Year Associate Program

Develop a level of mastery in your skills as a naturopathic consultant, clinician and educator in an accredited program.

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Mom and family assistance.

Learn to work as a Holistic Doula in all prenatal, birth, and postpartum settings: hospitals, birthing centers and in home births.


Hands-on Care and Therapy

4 or 10 day intensive learning with a little bit of relaxation in an all-inclusive retreat in a group setting for an enhanced experience.

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