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About A Life Of Peace Wellness Education Institute

 A Life Of Peace Wellness Education Institute is a premier provider of holistic health and wellness education, teacher trainings and personal development in mind, body and spiritual experiences. Our signature program the Natural Health and Wellness Consultant Certification has trained hundreds of traditional naturopaths in communities around the globe. Many of our students now provide consistent quality wellness services to families, organizations, and individuals in over thirty states and twenty countries. 

Spring Semester Classes and Certifications

Join us for an exclusive learning experience from the comfort of your own home. As a Naturopathic Reiki II therapist, one of the goals is to help relax psychological tensions with the advanced work of releasing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy blocks by being a vibrant conduit for universal power. 

Naturopathic Herbalist Training Online Group Sessions

August 12, 2020

All Naturopathic Herbalist Students are invited to an evening of mini lectures and Q&A with Dr. Akua.  

August 15, 2020

Learn Naturopthic Iridology fundamentals for yourself and family wellness.

Crystal TherapyMastery Online Training

August 16, 2020

Crystal Therapy enriches the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Learn with hands-on activities in the many secrets for these special beings.

Naturopathic Reiki Level 1 Online! Learn this healing technique right from the comfort of home!

Naturopathic Reiki is a health and relaxation therapy that balances the body, mind, and spirit.  Many people need the beauty of silence...

Naturopathic Reiki is the level of Reiki that prepares the seeker for multiple advanced therapies in Reiki as healthcare. Learn powerful symbol and advanced chakra therapy through the 42 major and minor chakras. Including a study in the Original Usui Reiki handbook.  

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