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A Life Of Peace Community Ceremonies

ALOP Wedding Services

Dr. Akua handling a wedding ceremony
Couple exchanging vows
wedding ceremony with the couple posing with some friends and Dr. Akua

Living in harmony with all that is a part of you is the creator's divine will and 
the most sacred of all relationships is between soul mates. Marriage is a part 
of a whole system with an identity of its own.  A marriage is a part of a whole 
system of religion, beliefs and customs, ethnicity, social relationships, sexual 
practices, economics, and for the producing of children. In marriage there will 
be new demands, responsibilities, expectations, new roles to play, and new 
goals to achieve.                                             
                                                              – Nana Kwabena F. Ashanti

ALOP Wedding Services begins with a series of premarital counseling 
sessions designed to prepare the future family with the essential tools for a 
successful relationship and longevity as a divine union.   Together we will 
build and fortify the sacred traditional bond that reconnects the spirit of two 
individuals. Seeking spiritual harmony lays the foundation for a committed 
and rewarding relationship for the rest of your life and your love for each 
other will be remembered for generations to come. The 12 sessions include:
   - Life Purpose Building
   - A Renewable Concept of Love
   - Commitment and The Decision to Marry
   - Honoring the Physical Bodies
   - Developing the Spirit
   - The 6 Forms of Successful Communication
   - Children As the Rewards of Life
   - Constant Planning
   - Whole Family Finances
   - Living a Healthy Disease Free Lifestyle
   - Holistic Sexuality
   - The Tough Questions
The sessions can be accomplishes in 12 weeks or 6-12 months.

The Nu African Ceremony based on the traditions of West Africa opens with 
the community drum call and libation.  Highlights of the ceremony include 
the Wedding Party Processional led by dancers (dancers are optional), The 
Community Vows, Family Gift Presentations, Ceremony of the Elements, 
Divine Union Vows and Consecrations. This format can be applied to 
weddings of all sizes, from a small family private ceremony to a very large 
community event.  

The Kemetic Ceremony based on the traditions of ancient North East Africa 
is a journey through the spiritual principle of the Ntru (divine beings) that 
will govern the commitment of the families in the sacred union. Each 
ceremony is uniquely based on the dominant spiritual reflections of each 
couple. However, standard to each ceremony is a Proverbial Readings, 
Commitment Vows, Sacred Anointing, Community Gifting and The Chant 
and Dance of the Ntru.

All weddings are performed by licensed ministers and priests for legal filings 
or if a strictly spiritual union is desired with public ceremony, that is 
acceptable as well. To request your complimentary initial consultation for 
counseling and wedding preparations, Contact Us.

ALOP Naming Ceremonies

At the very beginning of life, one of the most important gifts a family gives the new little one is a name and sometimes, as adults, as we move from purpose to purpose along the journey to reaching our highest self in this life, these occasions too are marked with receiving a new name that compliments and inspires new paths of living. A Life Of Peace specializes in creative ceremony to help individuals, families and communities celebrate this special occasion. Contact us for Seven Day New Born Naming, Adult and Youth Ceremonies​.

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