Naturopathic Mastery Associate Certification

A thorough study in Naturopathy.

Naturopathy as a health science is vast and as infinite as nature, because it is nature that is the foundation of all holistic health modalities. A Life Of Peace Wellness Education Institute has put together an assortment of wellness training components that are both timeless in their traditions and modern in their viability as a wellness health profession for today’s naturopaths. 

Develop a level of mastery in your skills as a naturopathic consultant, clinician and educator. Gain knowledge in 54 courses of Naturopathy. This 2-year Associate Certification is designed to provide flexibility in learning through both online and in-person classes. Class meets for two days of theory per week. Some textbooks and supplies are included. Course Descriptions available for interested students. Contact Us
Winter and Fall open enrollment.

If you have already taken any of ALOP classes and certifications, previously taken courses can be credited to your tuition, restrictions apply. Your transcript will be evaluated, and credits will be given on an individual basis. 

1st Semester
100    Anatomy and Physiology
105    Human Biological Systems
110    Human Pathology with Immunology
115    Naturopathic Assessment
120    Naturopathic Iridology I
125    Body Chemistry Testing (pH, urine, and blood)
130    Pharmacology 
135    Basic Nutrition
140    Detox Therapy I
145    Naturopathic Herbalist I

150    Physical Solutions to Disease
155    Mental Solutions to Disease
160    Emotional Solutions to Disease
180    Shu Tefnut Yoga I
195    Spiritual Solutions to Disease
197    Family Health (Women/Men/Pediatrics/Geriatrics)
198    Client Care Consultant Etiquette

199    Holistic Health Business Basics

2nd Semester

200    Naturopathic Reiki I

220    Naturopathic Iridology II
230    Shiatsu I
240    Detox Therapy II w/ Nutritional Meal Preparation
245    Naturopathic Herbalist II
250    Naturopathic Aroma Therapy
265    Naturopathic Touch Reflexology

275    Holistic Doula Training
280    Shu Tefnut Yoga II
285    Alternative Modalities II (Chakra Therapy)

290    Crystal Therapy Mastery I (KMT + Asia)
296    Medical Astrology I

3rd Semester
320    Vibration Therapy I

325    Biochemistry Testing Bowel and Excrements 

330    Shiatsu II

333    Spiritual Nutrition
335    Organic Gardening 
345    Naturopathic Herbalist III
350    Botanical Medicine
375    Naturopathic Reiki II
380    Shu Tefnut Yoga III
390    Crystal Therapy Mastery II (North & South America)

396    Medical Astrology II

4th Semester
420    Vibration Therapy II

430    Shiatsu III

440    Colon Therapy Training
445    Naturopathic Herbalist IV
450    Homeopathy
455    Clinical Nutrition
460    Naturopathic Reiki III and IV
465    Shu Tefnut Yoga IV
480    Coaching and Counseling

490    Crystal Therapy Mastery III (Africa & West Asia)
498    Wellness Educator Training

499    Holistic Health Business and Law
   54 Courses of Training


The Naturopathic Mastery 2023 Semester Dates


begins February 21st


begins September 5th

Included Textbooks

Natural Health and Wellness: The Manual by K. Akua Gray

Detox Therapists: Detoxing Should Feel Good Too by K. Akua Gray

Naturopathic Herbalist: A Course in Mastering Herbology by K. Akua Gray

Naturopathic Reiki I: Opening the Way by K. Akua Gray

Naturopathic Reiki II: The Essentials of Therapy by K. Akua Gray

Naturopathic Reiki III: The Power of the Master by K. Akua Gray

Veggie Delights by K. Akua Gray

The Chakra Manual for the Therapist by K. Akua Gray

Naturopathic Iridology I by K. Akua Gray

Holistic Doula by K. Akua Gray


Accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners