Naturopathic Reiki gives full focus and explanation to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health benefits of energy healing in combination with select naturopathic assessment and treatment components to facilitate living a whole life. 


Naturopathic Reiki is a subtle vibration healing therapy that gently promotes balance in body, mind, and spirit.  Reiki restores synergy and helps a wide range of ailments and stresses. Many people need the beauty of silence; a Reiki session will calm the mind, expand inner awareness, enhance transformation, and promote positive growth. It harmonizes and optimizes the body/mind processes by unlocking creativity, accelerating spiritual growth, and it encourages positive change in life. Schedule your Reiki Therapy Appointment to experience the healing touch of life.

Over time Reiki can enhance stamina, intuition, meditation, and spiritual evolution. This is not a guarantee that someone will be relieved of any ailment with a single or multiple Reiki sessions, it does however help all medical treatment. The underlying principle of Reik is that it can do no harm and cannot be used for any harmful purpose.

Reiki is most often taught in three levels, I, II, and III is the Master Level. In Level I students are taught basic techniques for hands on treatment for self and others and the history and uses of Reiki. In Level II, students learn techniques for remote healing and for increasing the connection and effect of Reiki. There are three main kinds of symbols in Reiki II. The symbols are used for mental, physical, and emotional development.  The symbols have been formed to contain power that awakens ability, creates results, and convey mystical information. However, the power of Reiki exists separate from the symbol itself. Reiki Level II offers a way to work with a wide range of energy frequencies for specific purposes and meditations. The Reiki Master Teacher (level III) training consists of the tools needed to move into the instructional aspect of Reiki and add training in more advanced therapies.  In Level III students learn the master symbols, the attunement processes, a fair value exchange, professional Reiki ethics, the skills needed to teach Reiki, understanding of auras, advance Reiki healing techniques, and advance chakra therapy with Reiki.



The 21 day journey has been personally rewarding & wonderful! My dreams are more vivid, I sleep longer, I've eased discomfort/pain, stress levels have dramatically decreased to nearly zero. I am excited to learn more!



" I want to let you know our Reiki session is still blessing me."


I am just sending a brief note to inform you of how grateful I am to have met you and for you spreading your gift and knowledge to us. I am very fortunate to have you as a teacher/guide as I embark upon my spiritual journey and awakening. I am looking forward to Levels II and III of Naturopathic Reiki.


" The overall experience has made me believe in my own healing  touch and powers. Reiki level I with you as my master instructor has been nothing short of magnificent." 



 It was a pleasure to meet you in person. I am grateful to you for helping and assisting me in my wellness journey. I am excited and looking for to the next level of coursework with you. Love and light to you for your kindness and willingness to guide us along this amazing process. 


"Akua Gray has awesome energy and I was glad to be part of this class. I've benefit in many ways."


"Thank you for the lesson yesterday, I still feel like I am in the same day with the surge of energy I experienced.  I truly benefited sooo much from the 1st class in many ways. Thank you for the work that you do!!! We WILL heal the world together, one healer at a time." 



 Truly enjoyed the Naturopathic Reiki II course. I appreciate your approach to sharing and teaching the sacred knowledge of this profound healing art as it created a space for me to easily connect with the concepts and practice. The attunement experience was peace 💕. I'm grateful for you! Dua!!


I have known about  Reiki and was certified as a Reiki master teacher for approx 20 years but  the enlightenment that I received during this session with the gifted Dr. Akua has rearranged my entire life. Projects that I have struggled with for 10 years seemed to all fall into place within 2 weeks.


"During our initial attunement I felt so connected intuitively to the divine throughout my entire day. Once I performed the Gassho Breath I felt such a surge of energy rush throughout my body, a tingling warmth from my crown to my fingers and toes. 



I loved your book! I wish there had been something like it when I was learning Reiki.


It was truly a pleasure participating in Naturopathic Reiki Level I. I am immersed in the book, I have cleansed and activated my pendulum and wand, and I am amazed at the results of working on a friend and family member.


"First I want to start by saying your class was absolutely amazing today! I went through the rest of my day in such a peaceful state of mind it was truly a gift, much gratitude for that.  My self Reiki session was nothing short of magical, I almost didn’t want to come out of it. This will easily be worked into my everyday routine. I feel clear, sound and blissfully at peace."


Naturopathic Reiki I and II

2020 Schedule


4 - Reiki 2 - Online

10 - Maternity Reiki - Online

16-17 Reiki 3 - Online

25 - Reiki 1 - Online


21 - Reiki 1 - Online


11-12 Reiki 3 - Online

19 - Reiki 2 - Online

Naturopathic Reiki I and II

2021 Schedule


9 - Reiki 1 - Online

30 - Reiki 2 - Online


6 - Reiki 1 - Online

17 - Reiki 1 and 2 - Accra, Ghana

27 - Reiki 2 - Online

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Naturopathic Reiki Level II Certification 

Second degree Naturopathic Reiki is the professional therapist level. This intensive full day training will prepare you to offer this health and wellness modality as a professional service to others. If you have a desire to learn more about Naturopathic Reiki to experience and share this healing art then the professional curriculum of Level II is the next step. Also, if you have determined that using Naturopathic Reiki for your personal use has enriched your life and you desire to learn more, you are welcome to also attend this course.

The Curriculum

As a Naturopathic Reiki II therapist, one of the goals is to help relax psychological tensions with the advanced work of releasing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy blocks by being a vibrant conduit for universal power.  When administering Reiki professionally or on an advanced level there is a higher emphasis placed on ethics and the responsibility of channeling energy. Naturopathic Reiki II takes the seeker through a series of spiritually advanced modalities of thoughts and techniques to be effective as a professional.

Reiki Symbols
The Reiki symbols are the highlight of the second degree. They are ancient and modern power tools that raise the vibration of the work. Once these symbols are learned and utilized, they can be used for protection, emotional healing, mental balancing, distance healing and more.


Healing Programs    
The health programs that are learned in Naturopathic Reiki II focus on self-treatments, releasing energy blockages, emotional health, mental health, and a wide range of therapies. Each program uses specific Reiki symbols to fortify the intentions of the therapy with the powerful energy vibration embedded in the symbols and the mantras. Some therapies take a few minutes and others will require multiple therapy visits.


Reiki Crystal Therapy
The use of power tools such as crystals and stones is an excellent addition to Naturopathic Reiki that has been used since Kemetic times. Learn about the foundation of crystal therapy in Reiki, the best crystals to use for specific treatments, the various types of crystals and how to use crystal wands and pendulums. 


Reiki Chakra Therapy
Reiki and chakras are both unseen forces that promote balance in life and nurture the presence of the divine. Chakra therapy is an expansive combination of vibration therapy, crystal use, elemental therapies, affirmations, breath techniques and more. Each part opens the Reiki therapist to a myriad of possibilities to produce a one of a kind health regimen for each client. 


The Reiki Professional
Reiki business involves hard work to make it successful and fulfilling as a professional therapist. In Naturopathic Reiki II you will learn to be exceptional, professional and successful. This portion of the course also includes information on all the necessary equipment for professional service, creating atmosphere, setting up an office, marketing, and more. 


Reiki 1 Certification is a pre-requisite to Naturopathic Reiki 2.

All Reiki Certifications can also be requested by appointment either one on one or for a small group.

Contact Us to schedule your personalized Reiki Certification.

Naturopathic Reiki Level III - Master/Teacher Certification 

To become a Reiki Master is a commitment to a quality of life that engages good health, unconditional love, promoting peace and raising your personal level of spiritual consciousness. The Reiki Master Teacher (level III) training consists of the tools needed for advanced therapies in emotional balancing, physical regeneration, mental reconditioning and spiritual alignment.  In Level III students learn the master symbols, the attunement processes, professional Reiki ethics and Reiki education skills. Take your knowledge in Chakras, crystals and auras to the next level. This course also includes an optional 12 month internship in advanced spiritual training. 

Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 Certifications are a pre-requisite to Reiki 3.

2020 Schedule

October 16 and 17

2 Day Naturopathic Reiki Master/Teacher Training - Online

December 11 - 12

2 Day Naturopathic Reiki Master/Teacher Training - Online

2021 Schedule

April 23 and 24

2 Day Naturopathic Reiki Master/Teacher Training Retreat - Houston

September 24 and 25

2 Day Naturopathic Reiki Master/Teacher Training - Online

December 10 and 11

2 Day Naturopathic Reiki Master/Teacher Training Retreat - Bahamas

Maternity Reiki Certification 

Maternity Naturopathic Reiki is a source of love and care for the pregnant woman and her growing baby! Join us for the Maternity Reiki Certification. All mothers to be and all birth workers are welcome to attend this class for an in depth hands-on learning experience for both personal and professional us. No previous Reiki experience required. Training includes Naturopathic Reiki 1 attunement.

Learn 1st Trimester therapy techniques. Learn 2nd Trimester meditations and self-care. Learn 3rd Trimester relaxation positions and techniques for labor, birth and postpartum.

2020 Online Schedule

October 10

2021 Online Schedule

February 28

May 15

July 31

October 3

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