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 Call For Sponsors 

A Life Of Peace  is deeply grateful for the generous support of our sponsors. Their contributions allow us to continue to fulfill our organizational mission and continue to be the premier wellness education provider in the community. 

We are proud of what we did in the past year, and we know that our work continues. It may be years or even decades before we are able to train a healer for every home. A Life Of Peace envisions a world where every home has a healer trained in holistic naturopathy. One mission of ALOP is to offer education, resources, and support for wellness and spirituality for underserved individuals and communities. Over the past years, ALOP’s vision has manifested in tangible ways and will only continue to grow with the expansion of wellness culture. But to meet the challenges ahead, we need your support. When your business or organization pledges support of the ALOP through a year-long sponsorship, you play an integral part in our ability to provide leadership in these times of significant change.

Become a Sponsor Today 

Our sponsorship opportunities help us, but they also provide substantial benefits to you and your organization’s endeavors. The expanded emphasis on virtual education and online shopping means that your customer base is now global. The prominent role the ALOP plays as a respected source of wellness education lends itself to being a platform for reaching even more people.

As a sponsor of A Life of Peace, you or your organization joins the widespread network of enthusiastic naturopaths, practitioners, schools, and businesses rooted in the healing arts. Your sponsorship of ALOP will bring about a number of special projects detailed below that support optimal health on a national level. Our sponsorship packages offer you a range of benefits designed to promote your business naturopaths, enthusiasts, potential students, clients, and customers. Act now to take advantage of our sponsorship opportunities and join us to move naturopathic wellness into the future. We are in this together! ALOP looks forward to working together with you to create a collaboration that will enrich and nurture you, your family, your friends, and the entire wellness community.

We are excited to have you on our team, please choose a sponsorship level below.





 Corporate Sponsors 


 Business Sponsors 

Individual Sponsors 

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