The Doula House


The Doula House Houston is a wellness education, family service and natural birth information center made up of holistic birth workers. We provide the community with a network of resources to fill the gap between the worlds of medical birthing and natural birthing. Every mother and family should have their desired birthing experience with the support they deserve during this special time whether the choice is a hospital birth, birthing center birth, or home birth.

The Role of a Holistic Doula

Emotional Comfort * Encouragement * Prenatal Care * Birthing Companionship * Postnatal Care * Physical Comfort

Relaxation and breathing techniques * Therapeutic Touch * Informational Support * Breastfeeding Support * Family Support

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Happy expectant mother

Join us for Seasonal Holistic Doula Training, Meet the Doula Days,

Annual Community Baby Shower, Blessing Way Ceremonies, Birthing Classes, and more.

 2023 Schedule of Events

The Doula House Webinar Series is READY, SET, TO GO!

Join us for a moment of maternity wellness information every other month as we explore topics to assist you and your family with information on pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Register for the next webinar below.

February 12

Fertility Support Group Chat

April 2

First 40 Days - Sacred Postpartum Care

June 4

Maternal Health Initiatives

August 6

Choosing a Birth Center and Midwife

October 1

Lactation Cookie Baking Class

December 3

Pregnancy Photography Tips

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