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Supporting a Vision of Good Health!


Greetings Beautiful Ones,


2022 has been a year of recovery for many of us personally and professionally, and we are happy that you have kept in your heart the vision of good health for yourself, your family and community. Here at A Life Of Peace we are closing out this year with a positive outlook on how to provide a greater service to the community to help create visions of good health for the greater good. We know that we are not alone in this endeavor and would like to offer a word of gratitude to our students, supporters, and donors for 2022! Thank you!


2022 brought opportunities to expand our current curriculum with several new classes and certifications such as the Botanical Medicine Course, Homeopathy, Vibration Therapy, and Advance Biochemistry Testing. We are excited about this expansion in our wellness offerings. As the need for educated community wellness providers increases in our current society we also recognize the need for positive collaborations and have teamed up with the Harris County Health Department to help address Maternal Health disparities through the work of The Doula House Houston.


As the world focuses on recovery from the global pandemic, we at ALOP are keeping our gaze on your health and well being, as well as the many communities we serve. We are nation building and elevating wellness to ensure more healers are on the ground worldwide. This is our vision, and our collective work to do! Your donation will help us educate more healers through ALOP. Help us ensure a healer in every home with your financial gift today!




All of your enthusiasm in 2022 to continue learning about health and wellness to further your knowledge for self, family, and community assisted our board and staff in implementing a host of interactive online experiences, study groups, and hands-on virtual trainings. With this past year of great online classes, we are ready to make 2023 even better.


Your safety and ours is number one during these times of health concerns and we want you to make the best choices when it comes to protecting yourself and your family. With this contemplation, we have decided that all ALOP United States courses will remain online until further notice. We are here to help.


Love and light,


      - Dr. Akua Gray and the A Life Of Peace Team

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ALOP Annual Report 2022 pg 3 (1).jpg

Naturopathic Clinician Training February 2022


Holistic Doula Training July  2022

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