Crystal Therapy Mastery Certification

A World Expedition into the Earth’s DNA

In-Person - Online or both for a flexible schedule

The body as a product of nature must be nurtured by the six elements to fully function. Aligning and opening the 12 main energy centers of the body through mineral therapy and energy cleansing remedies of the many solid formations of divine energy known as crystals. Crystal Therapy can be used in the healing processes of the body, mind, emotions and spirit. The methods of application in Crystal Therapy include various ways to effectively influence the complete energy spectrum of the body with an unlimited supply of vibrational components for good health. Learn to develop Crystal Therapy programs that compliment every aspect of systems of the body. If you are seeking balance in your health and would like to learn a skill to enrich your current wellness service, we have an easy learning course that indulges the senses sight, sound, taste, touch, smell and spiritual vibrations that are a memorable influence for the novice and the professional.

The Curriculum

I.     Crystal Geography
II.    Antiquity and Modern Uses
III.   Aspect Properties
IV.   Crystal Grids
V.    Physical Health
VI.   Spiritual Health
VII.  Emotional Health
VIII. Mental H
IX.   Longevity Care
X.    Your Wellness Service

Join us for hands-on classes in Houston, TX. Enjoy a day of interactive multimedia presentations, try your hands at several crystal methods of application including tonics, grids, organite, crystal readings and cleansing methods. Sign up for individual classes or the entire Mastery Certification.

Online Classes Spring/Summer 2020 
Session 4 The Crystals of South America (May 21)
Session 5 The Crystals of Africa (June 25)
Session 6 The Crystals of West Asia (July 19)
Session 7 Crystal Excavation Retreat (August 1-2) 

Online Classes Fall/Winter 2020 
Session 1 The Crystals of Kmt (August 16)
Session 2 The Crystals of Asia (August 30)
Session 3 The Crystals of North America (September 12) 
Session 4 The Crystals of South America (October 4)
Session 5 The Crystals of Africa (October 18) 
Session 6 The Crystals of West Asia (November 7) 


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