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A lifestyle of spiritual strength, good health, positive emotions, and mental clarity is a birthright. However somehow we have lost connection with the very essence of who we are as divine energy. My goal in providing this certification course to all communities is to do my part in restoring the principles of nature's balance to a world in dire need of change. "If you are looking to balance every aspect of your life and make a career in holistic health, the Natural Health and Wellness Consultant certification is for you.”                                   
                                                                                                                    - Dr. Akua

Earn certification as a Natural Health and Wellness Consultant. This certification can be used for personal, family, and community service. It can also be used in professional health services as a traditional naturopath, nutritional consultant, and holistic health consultant. At present we are not offering in person NHWC classes.

The online course of study includes chapter homework, essays, a final exam and health assessments practical.


Fall Session begins September 18th

Weekend Sessions 7am CST/8am EST

Classes held every other weekend

​The Body of Man
*Basic Biology Overview - organs and body chemistry *Anatomy and Physiology * Organs and systems of the body * The Melanin System *A Perspective of the disease process *Mental Effects of disease on the body systems *The Personality Traits of Disease *Identifying disease in the body, mind and spirit

Identifying Diseases of the Body
*Disease Catalog *The Big One - Cancer: Prevention is the Key *Physical Assessment Skills *Assessing the Face, Hands, Feet, and Teeth *Naturopathic Iridology Level 1 *Naturopathic Blood Pressure Analysis *Testing Body Chemistry (pH and Urine Analysis) *A Pharmacology Study *Drug and Herb Interaction Analysis *Blood Analysis

Food as Medicine
* Digestion *Basic Nutrition *Types of Medical Foods *Proper Food Combining *Juicing and Nutritional Fasting *Developing Medicinal Meal Plans *Supplements (vitamins, amino acids, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, dietary fats and oils) *Live Foods vs. Cooked Foods * Seasonal Eating for Maximum Nutrition * Healthy Kitchen Etiquette *Fruit and Vegetable Gardening - The organic approach to community foods *Stress Eating - reversing obesity and other eating disorders

Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Solutions to Disease
Physical Awareness *The Essentials - Sun, Air and Water *Detoxification Therapy *Therapeutic Herbology *Simple Botany in herbal remedies *Home Remedies - simple applications for simple ailments *Aromatherapy - the benefits of essential oils for diseases *Reversing Addictive Behavior that causes disease

Mental, Spiritual and Emotional Awareness
*Speaking words that heal  - Bring balance to your personal environment * Forgiveness - making peace with past hurt *Love Is A Given - learn how to like yourself and others *Alternative Modalities for spiritual stress reduction *Massage and Therapeutic Touch *Reflexology *Shiatsu *Naturopathic Reiki  *Kemetic Yoga *Color Therapy and Music Therapy *Spiritual Health - Accessing Dimensions Beyond the Physical *Channeling *Chakra Therapy *Medical Astrology for Optimum Healing Principles

Holistic Relationships and Family Health
*Metaphysics Living *Self Love *Family Stability *Community Development and Protection *Developing Your Human Relationship Skills *Male and Female Relationships - Attracting and Maintaining Harmony

Women's Health - Address health specifically key to women *Womb Care, Hormonal Imbalances *Breast Health *Under and Overweight *Depression * Abortion and Molestation Recovery * Holistic Health and Beauty

Men's Health - Address health specifically key to men * Prostrate disease *Impotency *Major Cancers in Men *Chi Preservation *The Holistic Man's Lifestyle * Supporting a Healthy Pregnancy

Holistic Parenting and Children's Health
*The Principles of Maat for Children *The Family Role *Proper Pregnancy Nutrition *Birthing Options * Holistic Birth Services * Naturopathic Pediatrics *Steps to Transitions to Solid Foods *Vaccinations and Vaccination Exemption *Childhood Disease Remedies

Elder Health - The holistic approach to aging and immortality

Client Care and Consultant Etiquette
*How to approach your client for the healing process *Client Naturopath Relationship *Superior Professional Consistency *Client Motivation, Relapse, Thought Pattern Change

Holistic Health Business and Law and Final Exams
*Build and Maintain a Consulting Service *Holistic Health Laws in the United States *International Regulations on Naturopathy

Students will be required to obtain the materials for the Naturopathic Lab Kit:

pH paper roll

urine analysis multistix 10SG

iridology examination glass 

medical pen light


The Natural Health and Wellness Consultant Manual is also additional and may be ordered at


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The Natural Health and Wellness Consultant Certification Online is available as a self-paced course you can take anytime.


Interested in a self-paced program that you can attend any time of the year? Try the Natural Health and Wellness Consultant Certifcation Self-Paced Online Program. Read More
Required Textbooks
NHWC manual
Nutritional book
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Here's What Students are saying about the 

Natural Health and Wellness Certification!

Here is a powerful tool that closes gaps in mainstream allopathic options.  It is used as a course text and is an invaluable reference for my holistic health business and to have around for daily family care.  Dr. Gray’s vast knowledge of the human body and natural remedies along with her commitment to ensure all are mentally, physically and spiritually whole must be commended, and is evidenced in these pages.”

– D’or Nelson, CHWC


"I'm riding a wave of such beautiful energy. There is light all around me, and I am receiving and transmitting that light. I'm learning to tap into my powers. I am a healer, I am divine. I give special appreciation to Dr. Akua Gray for her presence and beautiful energy as well.

– Neshama A., Austin, TX


"I give thanks to Sonet Akua Gray for the selfless lessons and love she has shared with me from day one. It has been almost ten years and through her guidance I can say I am on purpose. Her tutelage has shown me I can accomplish anything! She has taught me to remember, “You are Light, You are Love, You are the Divine Manifestation of the Creator's power in physical form....and you must live each day like you KNOW WHO YOU ARE."  

-Maat D., Denver, CO


This class has given me a different perspective on life. The Consultant Manual is something I will refer to for the rest of my life as a guide to keep me on track. The certification is a sincere extension of Dr. Akua, who lives what she teaches. Hands down this class and book combination was one of the best things I have been able to experience, and Dr. Akua's teachings come straight from her spirit.”

-Toni Hickman, NHWC


“Taking the Natural Health and Wellness Consultant Certification course with A Life of Peace Wellness Institute gave me valuable and thorough knowledge of whole body wellness through nutrition, herbal sciences and naturopathy. Each lesson was taught to us in a way that we were able to internalize it efficiently.  Not only is this knowledge helpful in my personal life but most importantly, I'm able to transfer this knowledge to clients within my business. I'm so grateful for having been exposed to these modalities.”

-Shirley Talivu Kelly, Missouri City, TX


“I am very fortunate to have taken the course on Naturopathy (Natural Health and Wellness Consultant Certification). I gained so much information and skills that upgraded my ability and confidence to work with patients, facilitate different non-invasive therapies for their healing journey and develop paths to wellness and wholeness. The manual has been a great reference book and guide for me when I do my assessments, patient care and health management. Dr. Akua’s tutelage has qualified me as a credible Naturopathic Practitioner and has put integrity into my practice. I am deeply grateful to Dr. Akua for the gift of her presence, kindness and generosity. Her passion to help individuals heal in body, mind and spirit has been an inspiration and motivation for me to do the same for my fellowmen.”

-Gemini Baladad, Philippines