Sacred Goddess Temple Rites of Passage

Sacred Woman Circle of Houston began in June 2010 with the intentions of providing the Houston Community with a consistent Woman's Rites Of Passage Program. For the past 10 years we have been assisting the women of Houston on their journey to wellness through nurturing the mind, healing the body, balancing the emotions and uplifting the spirit for women to live their best. We used as our primary reference text the Sacred Woman book by Queen Afua thus the name "Sacred Woman Circle of Houston".

We also offer assistance to sisters who would like to form Sister Circles in their communities. If you are interested, please complete the contact form


Sacred Goddess Temple Rites of Passage Interest Meeting


Rites of Passage is good for the soul in so many ways. It is a time that we set aside in life to consciously focus on change, self-love, spiritual development, mental cleansing, physical rejuvenation and emotional balancing. For 10 years The Sacred Woman Circle of Houston and A Life Of Peace have been providing this avenue of renewal to women across the globe. Women who have changed their lives and healed themselves and their families with the divine rites of their goddess energy and potential. 

Is it your time to heal, renew, relax and release so the you can be who the creator intended for you to be. If so...

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Sacred Goddess Temple Rites of Passage

Online Session 2022

Women are the keepers of life in the universe and we must condition ourselves accordingly to fulfill divine purpose in our day. Join us for the Sacred Goddess Temple Rites of Passage for spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional development. The Sacred Goddess Temples include:

1 Per Hmt: Accessing the Divine Feminine
2 Per Bast: Care of the Life Force               
3 Per Ht Hru: Spiritual Development                  
4 Per Net: Good Associations
5 Per Sekhmet: Health and Healing Arts
6 Per Maat: The 42 Laws
7 Per Ntrt: Initiation Rites 

Renew your life through the regeneration of the body, the emotions, the mind and the spirit. The foundation of the Sacred Goddess Temple Initiation is to assist you in developing a holistic way of living. Through the wisdom teachings of sacred texts you will be encouraged to reach your highest self to achieve your greatest good.


Starts Sunday, January 16, 2022                                 
6:00am - 9:00am CST /  7:00am - 10:00am EST                      
Self Investment: $400.00 (Payment plans available)
Pre-Registration Required with Payment Deposit 

(Includes Manual and Goddess Care Package)
Register now to reserve your space.


Sacred Goddess Temple Mastery Rites of Passage

What is Sacred Goddess Temple Mastery Rites of Passage?
We also assist women in the next levels of spiritual, mental, physical and emotional development through advance training in Sacred Goddess Temple Mastery Advanced Rites of Passage.

How long is the Rites of Passage?
Participants commit to an 18 month regimen of transformation work, personal wellness 
enhancement and spiritual training.

What does the Rites of Passage entail?
Initiates attend a monthly training session with 21 Days of Transformation Work. In addition specific Sacred Goddess Temple level of ascension requirements are pursued which involve training, counseling, consultations, nutritional fasting, meditation, lessons in holistic health modalities and uplifting open forum discussions.  Each session covers Kemetic Spiritual Science, Whole Body Rejuvenation, Community Involvement and much more!

The next Sacred Goddess Temple Mastery Rites of Passage will begin Summer 2022 and is open to all initiated women who have ascended through a verifiable Rites of Passage.