These moments of sharing good health and enlightenment are a stable for the A Life Of Peace Wellness Education Institute family. Join us every season for an informative hour of innovative peace knowledge designed to help formulate a permanent wellness way of thinking and living life to the fullest. The ALOP Wellness Webinars are always complimentary!

Ghana Repatriation Webinar

March 29, 2017

Join Dr. Chenu Gray, ND 7:00pm
Learn about: Preparing For Your First Trip * Ghanaian Dual Citizenship * Securing Land 
Building Your Home
Doing Business in Ghana

Reiki: Because Life Moves

March 08, 2017

Imagine being able to immediately alter the energy around you, to restructure the vibration of your internal organs and mental capacity. Reiki is an energy that allows the individual to access a power of change that can help every situation in life.  Join Dr. Akua Gray, Wednesday, March 8th, 7pm CST/8pm EST to learn to funnel Universal energy in every moment of purpose living.

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