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Sacred Sound Therapy

“Harmonize Your Essence, Renew Your Life”


A Life Of Peace

Vibration Therapy Level 1

Online Naturopathic Mastery Enrichment Course

Welcome to the new edition of the Naturopathic Clinician Training. We are always expanding the jewels of therapy to assist in your work as a health provider in your community. This year we have added A Life Of Peace Vibration Therapy. Your introduction to the healing vibrations of the Tibetan singing bowls. 


Get acquainted with  7 styles of bowls and the beginning steps of self therapy, which starts with learning how to identify authentic bowls, choosing your bowls based on spiritual resonance, and how to care for your bowls. 


Learn more than 10 therapy techniques for personal use and with clients for relaxation and healing. Learn energy system specific stimulation, setting up your healing space, and setting healing intentions for therapy.


Required Textbook(Purchase below)

How to Heal with Singing Bowls:

Traditional Tibetan Healing Methods Traditional Tibetan Healing Methods

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A Life Of Peace

Vibration Therapy Level II

Online Naturopathic Mastery Enrichment Course

Sound is all around us; in each moment we are totally surrounded by sound. These sounds alter our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, both positively and negatively. Continue the learning in ALOP Vibration Therapy Level 1 with advanced self treatments and gain the skills to provide vibration therapy in both personal and professional settings.

Everything in the Universe is made up of vibration; each unique vibration or frequency emits some kind of sound. The sounds emitted may be undetectable to the human ear, which on average can hear between 16 and 16,000 cycles per second (or Hertz). Vibration is not just perceived through just our ears, but also through our whole being, including skin, bones and cellular structures.

Sound Therapy works on the principle of resonance, which is the unique fundamental vibration or frequency with which each aspect, including body parts, charkas and layers of the aura, most naturally want to vibrate.

When an aspect of our being becomes diseased, stressed or imbalanced, an unfamiliar vibration has replaced the natural flow of energy. In order to return balance and harmony, we need to restore the natural fundamental frequency. This can be achieved with the use of Sacred Sound tools through sympathetic resonance, which is when an aspect is brought back into a like vibration.

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